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Our unique space is specially developed to help start-ups and scale-ups. Inhouse partners are available in our informal space to collaborate and explore the ways you need to succeed. 

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Advice and support on:
(Financial) strategy
As a coop bank, we are here to help you grow your start-up or scale-up. Whether you want to access our extensive local and global Rabobank network or need funds, we will be pleased to help you develop as an entrepreneur.

Our foundation as a cooperative bank means we don't have shareholders, We use our ‘corporative dividend’ to empower our community and customers. That is also the main reason we became a founding partner of ./utrecht.

We like to do business with a personal touch and are here to help you at every step. Let’s meet and see where you can grow!

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If your start-up or scale-up solution is ready to be seen, talk to Capgemini. We partner with major organizations around the world to identify new perspectives that can help improve their business.

Before we meet, remember to come as prepared. We want to know what you have, your ideal organizations to approach as well as why they need your solution. Last but not least, why is it cool?

We prefer to see a working demo or something else that can convince us of its potential. If you can convince us, we'll be thrilled to connect you with one - or more - of our clients.

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The municipality of Utrecht is a member of StartupUtrecht and supports the growth of local start-ups. We act on many levels, as a buyer (startup residence), spatial economic director, acquirer, policy maker or marketer.

We facilitate, promote and subsidize incubators and accelerators, including the Dutch Game Garden, the Graduate Space, Hollandstartup and UtrechtInc. We also access our network to help startups find suitable housing. In addition, we regularly fund events such as the Start-up Weekend and Start-up Health.

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Advice and support on:
The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, but has its challenges. SHV has been an entrepreneurial company for over 120 years with decades of international experience. We can help you learn from our experience with international business or our international network. We also have the expertise to help you get organized, attract financing, pay taxes or tackle legal issues.

Founded in 1896 in Utrecht, Steenkolen Handels-Vereeniging (SHV) was the result of a merger between several important coal trading companies with a long history. Halfway through the twentieth century, when coal as an energy source was on the decline, SHV expanded into other activities.

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Advice and support on:
Deloitte is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services to select clients.

By serving many of Holland's successful companies and entrepeneurs, Deloitte has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor. Our tailored solutions from multidisciplinary teams and bled our deep expertise and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes to our valued private clients and fast growing companies, nationwide, in the region close to you wiht local presence!

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At StartupUtrecht, our mission is to grow the Utrecht startup ecosystem by bringing together startups, scale-ups, corporates, angel investors, venture capitalists, local government, banks and universities. We can help your startup or scaleup grow by opening up the access to capital, corporates and talent.

We work with a variety of partners to organise pitch events with investors, challenges to help you kick-start your business and events to connect you with the people and organisations you need to grow your business.
They include the municipality of Utrecht, Economic Board Utrecht, Utrechtinc, Holland Startup, Studentsinc, DutchGameGarden, MediaMatters, PNO, Utrecht Center of Entrepreneurship and Utrechtse OndernemersAcademie.

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Advice and support on:
Innovation Management
Philadelphia Zorg is a large social organization that provides care and support for people with intellectual challenges. Our goal is to help our clients “live their best life' and we do this with care and pleasure.

We see a world full of technology innovations that must also be safe and accessible for our employees and clients. That’s why we participate in communities like ./utrecht. It allows us to learn about their developments, get inspired and contribute to your needs during the development phase.

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Advice and support on:
Internet of Things
Walvis has a strong partnership with, among
others BCD Travel and Aegon. Walvis has a phenomenal experience in scaling businesses of (early) growth
companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to several partnerships and an enormous network around the world, they might be able to make the right connections.

In addition, Walvis is in good contact with large corporates, banks and other VC’s in the Netherlands. If your proposition does not fit within their fund, they might
be able to advise you who is the best to approach.

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